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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher
Mrs C. Longden



Assistant Head Teachers
Mrs G. Money
Mrs. P. Packingham



Safeguarding & Pastoral Lead
Mrs N. Cheadle


Pre-School Leader
Mrs L. Gowen 


Teaching Staff

Mrs L. Hargreaves 

Ms Y. Murphy

Mrs S. Naylor

Miss S. Hopkins

Mrs L. Ward
Mrs M. Richards

Mrs T. Whitehurst

Miss J. Whiteley 
Mrs H. Rogers 

Mrs S. Chapple
Miss N. Nevers                 
Mrs K. Rouse

Mrs S. Kangh

Mrs C. Rollinson 

Mr D. Clewes     

Mrs C. Richards    


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs T. Kaur

Mrs N. Matharu

Mrs K. Young

Mrs S. Davies

Miss C. Lucas

Miss S. Davies
Miss G. Jarvis
Miss J. Jackson
Mrs K. Clark
Miss J. Harper
Miss C. Baker
Miss S. Palmer
Mrs A. Falconer
Mrs N. Goddard


High Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA)
Ms. L. Adams

Mrs L. Carey


Office Staff
School Business Manager - Mrs J. Cockburn
Administrator/Receptionist - Mrs D. Tipper


Site Manager
Mr S. Dell


Miss S. Palmer
Mrs S. Unitt
Miss R. Crudgington
Mrs P. Williams
Miss C. Williams


Lunchtime Staff
Mrs P. Williams
Mrs D. Powell
Miss R. Crudgington
Miss C. Williams

Mrs R. Shelley

Miss K. Hoey 

Mrs S. Cole 


Kitchen Staff
Mrs S. Southall
Mrs K. Hyde
Mrs A. Stanley

Mrs J. Morris 

Mrs F. Squire 


Breakfast Club

Mrs P. Williams
Ms. G. Jarvis

Miss S. Davies 

Mrs K. Clarke