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The school curriculum includes all areas specified in the National Curriculum – this provides a firm base for children’s learning whilst ensuring progression through the years. 


Our curriculum centres around our children; it has evolved over time to ensure the experiences we provide are both relevant and inspiring for our children.  We aim to develop the children’s knowledge whilst at the same time equipping them with the skills they need to be successful learners now and in the future. Our values encourage children to question, to embrace challenge and to aim high.  Our curriculum journeys begin with a ‘hook’ to engage children in their learning – these often include visits out, experts in school or an ‘unusual happening’!


We have many visits from local community members, charities and health professionals all of which help to enrich our curriculum and develop children's social and moral awareness.


Our parent workshops are always well received and allow the children the opportunity to share their learning with their parents.

If you require any additional information regarding the curriculum please phone the school office to arrange an appointment.

A Healthy Lifestyle:


We take every opportunity to promote and encourage an active healthy lifestyle and provide many opportunities for children to experience a wide variety of sporting activities. We have a PE learning support assistant to contribute in the delivery of our PE sessions, and organise our many after school clubs such as dance and multi-skills. All of our after school clubs are free of charge. All our children also have the opportunity to swim during their time in Key Stage 2, all swimming lessons are taught by specialist swimming instructors.