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Dear Parents,

Your child was involved in a drum battle project and they helped create a piece of music which has now been produced and mastered in a studio and also put on a video for you to enjoy. 



Mr C.


Dudley Performing Arts presents - The Drum Battle

This song involves hundreds of children across four schools in Dudley playing a wide variety of drums.


For children who have taken a guitar home

Dear Parents,

Your child was having a guitar lesson in school once a week. To keep them going I have created some short films that they can watch and join in with.  All you need to do is click on the links below and the lessons will appear. Before you start watching get the instrument ready, ask your child to play a few notes and you are ready to go!  There will be another film next week and you can use the films more than once in fact, the more the better.


Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5:

Lesson 6:


Wallbrook Year 5 & 6 Guitar Lessons

Click on the link below to take you to all my lessons.

Dear Parents,

Please find below, links for new videos that have been created for your children to continue their musical journey at home!

Cheers Mr C

Mr C's Guitar Lesson 7 - Power Chords & Rock n Roll Rocks

This lesson explores open power chords and teaches the part to Rock n Rolls Rocks, plus the backing track.

Mr C's Guitar Lesson 8 - Power Chords 2 with Back In Purple

This song continues the use of power chords but adds a simple melody. A good way to switch between rhythm and lead styles.

Mr C's Guitar Lesson 9 - Minor Chords (Em and Am)

This lesson focusses on playing two minor chords and developing speed when changing between chords.

Dear Parents/carers,
Please find below, links for my new videos. I hope you are continuing to enjoy the music videos and take part with the different activities. We all know how important music is especially at the moment! Feel free to browse through the many varied tutorials all of the teachers at DPA have been creating. There are lots of things to do to help keep the musical learning going. Enjoy!

Mr C's Drum Lesson 10 - Groove

This lesson shows how you can layer lots of different rhythms and instruments to create a groove. This is how music is made where you focus on playing all pa...

Mr C's Guitar Lesson 10 - E minor Pentatonic Scale

This lesson explains how to play a simple E minor pentatonic scale.