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Star Of The Week

Week 3 - Ash Class
Well done Roxy-Leigh!

Roxy-Leigh always shows me her best learning! It does not matter what kind of learning Roxy-Leigh does, she always gives it 100%! She is so resilient and enthusiastic about her learning! Roxy-Leigh has created a scrapbook, found the missing numbers on the number lines, found 1 more and 1 less than numbers, and created her own badge.

You are working so well! Keep going Roxy-Leigh!

Week 2 - Beech Class

Well Done Keaton!

At times Keaton has found it difficult to learn from home however, Keaton perseveres and is doing super. He is working hard in all areas. Since he has been off Keaton's Kinetic Letters have really improved. Keep up the good work!!!

Week 2 - Ash Class

Well done Oscar!

Oscar has consistently shown us amazing learning! Oscar really cares about his learning and does an excellent job each time. Oscar has created a bed for Baby Bear. Oscar has also done some great Maths work. He has written some fantastic sentences which have included fronted adverbials and commas and he has completed his Geography learning. Oscar has done a great job with his learning and I look forward to seeing more fantastic learning from Oscar.

You’ve done a great job so far Oscar. Keep going!


Week 1 - Beech Class

Well Done Dillon!

Dillon has worked really hard this week in all his lessons. He has designed a great story map in English, labelled different flowers in Science and designed and made a bed for baby Bear in DT. Keep it up!

Week 1 - Ash Class

Well Done Alex!

You have done a fantastic job this week. Brilliant work Alex! He has created his own flower, recognised and labelled some flowers, used his Phonics knowledge to write sentences and his Mathematical knowledge to measure objects.


You have sent your learning in consistently. Thank you! Keep up the good work!