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School Uniform


As we are now part of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust the uniform will be changing in line with the other trust schools. However the uniform will not change until September 2021. 


For the rest of this academic year we will continue to wear our Wallbrook Primary Uniform. 


Our school uniform is:-



Grey/black skirt or trouser

White polo shirt or blouse

Navy blue school sweatshirt or cardigan

Dark coloured shoes

Summer – blue gingham dresses or Black/grey school shorts



Grey/black trousers

White polo shirt or shirt

Navy blue school sweatshirt

Dark coloured shoes

Summer – black/grey school shorts


Trainers are not allowed.


School sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts are available from the school office.

Book bags and P.E. bags are also available.


Physical Education (P.E.)


P.E. is part of the National Curriculum which all children are entitled to. At Wallbrook we place great importance on our children’s health and fitness and provide 2 hours of P.E. each week.

P.E. kit must be brought into school at the start of each half term then taken home for washing before every holiday. P.E. kit needs to be sent in a P.E. bag with your child’s name and class on.

P.E. kit is:

Black shorts

White T-shirt


Tracksuit bottoms and a jumper may be worn for outdoor P.E. when the weather is cold. This will be at the discretion of the class teacher.




For health and safety reasons jewellery is to be kept to a minimum. Children are allowed to wear a watch and 1 pair of stud earrings only (under no circumstances are any other piercings allowed).

Children who come to school wearing jewellery will be asked to remove it and it will be kept in the safe until they go home.

The Local Authority insist that jewellery can not be worn for P.E. and therefore children who wear a watch or ear rings will have to remove them themselves for P.E.

The following uniform is available for purchase from the school’s office:


Size 24 and 26


Size 28 and 30


Size 32


Size 34


Size 36



Size 24


Size 26 and 28


Size 30 and 32


Size 34 and 36


Polo Shirts

Sizes 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32


Sizes 34 and 36



Pump Bags


Book Bags


Water Bottles